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2350 Supercab

Stabicraft® Marine releases the 2350 Supercab – a 7m high performance, offshore machine equipped with more space and creature comforts so you can Adventure with ConfidenceTM.

Invercargill, 14/06/24 – The new 2350 Supercab from Stabicraft® is the latest to join our Supercab line-up with a brand new, proven offshore performance hull. With 40% more usable cabin volume than its predecessor and a plethora of cabin amenity improvements, the 2350 Supercab is the 7m+ boat you need this season.



Length: 7.17m (23.5ft)

Max Persons: 8

Maximum HP: 350hp

Leg Length: 25/30/25 Trimount

Fuel Tank: 400L (106gal)

External Beam: 2.54m (100”) 2.5m AU only

Internal Beam: 1.97m (77.6”)

Transom Deadrise: 17˚

Tube Thickness: 4mm (0.16”)

Hull Thickness: 6mm (0.24”)

Total Sealed Volume (approx.): 1985L (70ft³)

Dry Hull Weight (approx.): 1625kg (3583lbs)

Tow Weight (approx.): 3000kg (6614lbs)

Length on Trailer (approx.): 10m (32.8ft)

Height on trailer (approx.): 3.1m (10.17ft)

NZ CPC boat safety standards

AU ABP boat safety standards

US Coastguard boat safety standards

Offshore performance hull

The 2350 Supercab hull is a ground-up redesign with an emphasis on offshore performance. The hull has been thoroughly put through a tough testing regime in Stabicraft’s local patch, commonly referred to as ‘Hells Gate’. Close chop, rolling swell and following seas have all been thrown at the new hull and Stabicraft’s dealers reckon its once of the best hulls they have ever produced.


More space

With 40% more cabin volume than its predecessor the 2400 Supercab, the 2350 Supercab feels BIG! This is due to the wider beam on the 2350 stretching out to the maximum legal towing width in Australasia and due to a reconfiguration of spatial priorities within the cabin - focussing space where you spend most your time. With more room comes more storage options, drink holders and underfloor storage and most importantly, more accommodation for friends and family.


Creature comforts

Stabicraft® have recognised the growing demand from end users for more of the finely finished comforts now expected in their vessels. The 2350 Supercab boasts an optional 3rd berth between the two cabin bench seats, suspension seating from Scandinavia, drawer style fridge and even a pie warmer! All amenities are finished in Stabicraft’s grey powder coating finish, just like their cabins, for a more durable and longer lasting finish.


“Punching into it at 50-60kmph and its just beautiful, very predictable” said long-time 2400 Supercab owner Ben Halstead. Sam Harvey from Woodbine Marine said, “Its soft riding which is what you want in a 7+ metre boat, I can’t really fault it to be honest”. Sam went on to say, “I like the new [seating] system based on the Treker seats, in this kind of boat you want comfort.” “We’re absolutely rapt with the response from our dealer group” says GM Marketing at Stabicraft Daniel Upperton. “It's one thing for the team at Stabicraft to know they have a winning combination, but to have confirmation from the guys on the coal face makes the 2350 Supercab a really exciting launch for us”.

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