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Need Finance On Your
Boat or Sea-Doo?

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Marine Loan 

Nobilo Finance is here to help you secure a loan for your new boat or jet ski, we have experience helping our clients finance all types of marine assets. Our process ensures that if you have clean credit, this can be done in as little as an hour.

If you already have a boat loan and feel you are paying too much interest, give us a call and we can have a look to see if there's any room for savings. Our familiarity with financiers early settlement fees mean we can accommodate for EVERY cost in a refinance - not just the interest cost.

What will it cost?
If you are looking for a fast solution to get your loan approved, and a team that will do everything to help you secure the loan, we are here for you. 
Freephone: 0508 NOBILO (662 456) 

What will my rate be?
If you are not sure on what interest rate we can achieve for you, we do not run a credit check until we have spoken to you so you can apply online requesting an indication, which will be emailed through - or we will call. While we understand everybody hates hearing "Depending on your credit and financial position" we can give very accurate estimates.

What is your criteria?
Because we are a broker we have no set criteria, once we speak with you, we will know which lenders will consider your lend, rough rates and whether or not we can help.

As a guideline you must be in full time employment, with a restricted or full licence. If you work part-time or have a condition 1 on your licence/learner licence, you may need a guarantor with clean credit who works full time.

5 year loan terms with no deposit are available for some work visa's if you have been in NZ for more than 3 months

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