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The one-of-a-kind Spark Trixx™ makes pulling off tricks so easy and so much fun, you’ll never want the day to end.

SPARK 3UP IBR TRIXX 900 ACE HO Manta Green:  $16,734

SPARK 3UP IBR TRIXX 900 ACE HO Dazzling Blue:  $16,734

SPARK 3UP IBR TRIXX 900 HO SS Manta Green;  $17,434

SPARK 3UP IBR TRIXX 900 HO SS Dazzling Blue : $17,434

Colours Available: Mantra Green & Dazzling Blue

  • More About Extreme 545 Sport Fisher
    The 545 Sport Fisher is a a very popular member or the Extreme Boats fleet - and for good reason! A very easy boat to manage, tow and store yet versatile and capable of a wide range of boating activities. With an uncluttered layout this boat offers a lot of fishing room for its size and also offers a huge amount of storage.
  • Specs
    Overall Length 5.55m Beam 2.10m Transom and hull thickness 5.00mm Side and deck thickness 4.00mm Deadrise 19.5° Recommended outboard 70 - 115hp Standard dry towing weight including outboard and trailer (approx) 950kg Standard fuel tank size 100l Width on trailer 2.25m Rated for 4 people

*Models listed are subject to availability

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