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SKU: 295101017



The Sea-Doo windshield seamlessly integrates with thermoforming construction, providing you with crystal-clear vision so you can see anything that lies ahead. It also comes with a windshield support, bag, and Allen wrench.

It’s easy to install or remove, too, so you can leave it up when it’s windy or take it down when it’s hot. Level up the visibility, and maximize your pleasure.


Designed to suit GTX, RXT-X, Wake Pro, FishPro Sport & FishPro Trophy models, the driver seat is well covered and protected with its 23 in. (58 cm) windshield.


  • Stay protected from wind and splash from waves with a 23-inch (58 cm) windshield.

  • Seamlessly integrated with thermoforming construction for crystal clear vision.

  • Includes windshield support, bag, and Allen wrench for easy transportation and installation.

  • Please contact us to arrange shipment as this is in a large box.

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