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  • CTEK M8 8.4mm Eyelet Cable (for Battery Charger)
SKU: 56-382

CTEK M8 8.4mm Eyelet Cable (for Battery Charger)


Maximising Battery Performance.


Maximizing Battery Performance isn’t just a slogan – it’s right at the heart of everything CTEK does and every product they make.

It means they push the boundaries of research and development to bring new battery charging technologies to the market.


There customers expect nothing but the best from CTEK products, whether they’re using them at home, in the workshop, as an essential part of their day-to-day work, or even at the race tracks.


And they’re ahead of the competition because they constantly improve and constantly innovate.


Where others have diversified, they remain focused on maximising battery performance.


That’s why CTEK is the global market leader in battery management solutions.


  • Fully automatic 8-step charger.
  • Provides fully automatic charging and can be left attached for months.
  • Spark-proof and reverse polarity protected to ensure safety and vehicle electronics are not harmed during charging.
  • Charges, conditions and maintains all types of lead acid batteries: wet, MF, AGM, GEL, Dry and Calcium.
  • Energy-efficient charges that extend battery life, reducing unnecessary replacement and waste.


CTEK M8 Indicator lights

Red:    Battery charge is below 12.4 volts (time to charge the battery).


Battery charge is between 12.4 and 12.65 volts (time to start thinking about charging  the battery).
Green:Battery charge is more than 12.65 volts.


CTEK M8 Comfort Indicator Eyelet

Eyelet:M8 (8.4 mm)
Cable length:55 cm.
Insulation class:IP65 (splash and dust proof).
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