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  • Bags and Storage – Storage Bin Organizer
  • Bags and Storage – Storage Bin Organizer
SKU: 295100835

Bags and Storage – Storage Bin Organizer


Who says you can’t take it with you?

Sea-Doo storage solutions let you carry everything you need, help keep it organised, and are never farther than arm’s length away.


This leave-in breathable mesh organiser is perfect for safely storing and organizing smaller valuables.

  • Leave-in breathable premium-coated synthetic mesh organiser.
  • Perfect for safely storing and organising smaller valuables.
  • Standard on GTX Limited models (2018 and up).
  • Designed to be installed in conjunction with the Removable Storage Bin Organiser for a complete set-up.
  • Fits: RXT, RXT-X, GTX and WAKE PRO (2018 and up), FISH PRO
  • Designed to be installed with the Storage Bin Organizer for a complete set-up – Installation not included.

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