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2024 Sea-Doo FishPro Scout

2024 Sea-Doo FishPro Scout

Find more fish

Feed your passion for fishing while pleasing the whole family. Built for the occasional angler with an active lifestyle, the FishPro Scout is an ideal blend of affordable fishing and family fun.

2024 Sea-Doo FishPro SPORT

2024 Sea-Doo FishPro Sport

Fish All Day

A combination of excitement, versatility, and passion all in one complete package. Explore locations previously unavailable to traditional fishing crafts and experience the adaptability of one of the world's most versatile watercraft.

2024 Sea-Doo FishPro TROPHY

2024 Sea-Doo FishPro Trophy

Thrilling & Amazing

Watercraft enthusiasts and fishing fanatics have dreamed about the FishPro Trophy with exclusive features that perfectly embody what it means to eat, sleep and breathe fishing.