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Kingfisher 620 Power Cat Hardtop

Q. What is the biggest difference between Korean and American bread?

A. Most of our bakes are fluffy and have delicate texture. In terms of taste, they are less salty and less sweet.

Q. What is a uniqueness of your products?

A. We're all about preparing products with high quality ingredient and no added artificial colors or preservatives. Only genuine ingredients and their individual, delectable flavors. We spend a lot more on our ingredients since some of ingredients are imported from Korea directly to ensure the quality.

Q. When is the best time of the day to buy fresh bread?

A. We bake all goods from 5:00 am to noon every day. Therefore, they are always fresh.

Q. How can I get to know ingredients for each item?

A. We have detailed list of ingredients and ask us if you have additional questions.

Q. Do you have a catering service?

A. Yes, we do. Please contact us by the contact form or phone 734.929.4443.

Q. Do you have birthday cake?

A. Yes. We offer fresh cream cake with free custom lettering service for all special occasion.

Q. Do you have delivery service?

A. Sorry. We can't provide delivery service at this time.

Q. Are there any in-store seats available?

A. We are a small store but have seating for 8 with free Wifi.

A trailerable cat with the comfort of a hardtop. Twin outboats for peace of mind and performance

The newest addition to the Kingfisher Powercat range is the trailerable 670 Hardtop. With the same basic defining characteristics of the whole Kingfisher Powercat range, this model offers sportsfishers a medium sized trailer boat that can still be towed anywhere. The model pictured is powered by twin 100hp Honda 4 strokes and exceeds 36 knots top speed. It has its own long lasting uniquely designed alloy trailer for very easy launching and retrieval.