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Sprinter F240A


GALA F-Series tenders are represented across 2 models and constitute a new and fresh design the foldable boat class with floorboards or airdeck. Our innovations include:
• Each model is equipped with «GALA-JET» inflatable tube, allowing for an impressive carrying capacity and power rating.
• Every unit is expertly equipped only with genuine GALA fittings and accessories.

There are 4 models in the series and two flooring options:
• F240 - with solid aluminium floorboards and inflatable keel
• F240A - with high-pressure airdeck and inflatable keel.

In creating this line of tenders, we offer something entirely different in comparison to other boats available on the market: unprecedented quality of design, engineering, and craftsmanship in each boat.


Length overall: 240cm 7' 10'' Width overall: 150cm 5' 1'' Tube diameter: 40cm 16'' Boat weight: 0/22kg 66/48lbs Loading capacity: 350kg 770lbs Passengers capacity persons: 3 Number of compartments: 3+1/3+2 Engine max: HP5 Engine weight max: 30kg 66lbs Engine shaft length: 15"(short)

Standard Features

  • Soft curved 3-chamber VALMEX-PVC buoyancy tube with rounded bow and original «GALA-JET» design
  • Double strength welded tube seams
  • High-density anodized aluminum flooring with antiskid surface on F240-F330
  • High-pressure airdeck on F240A-F330A
  • Two aluminum seats (one on A240) with sliding installation system
  • Substantial keel protector
  • 3 stainless steel towing bow eyes
  • Bow handle and two rear handles
  • GALA bow cleat and 8/10 grab handles
  • V-shaped bottom with inflatable keel
  • Overpressure valve
  • Tough rubbing strake with splash guard
  • One-way drain valve with pull-up handle
  • Two oars with oarlocks and oar stops
  • Rear splash protectors
  • High-efficiency foot pump (dual pressure pump for airdeck models)
  • Repair kit and manual

Optional Extras

  • Removable bow soft seat
  • Overall cover
  • Soft cushion for aluminium seat
  • Under-seat bag
  • Optional wooden floorboards set
  • Tube protector upgrade
  • Bow removable soft seat with base


Freight & availability may impact pricing. Please get in touch to find out more.